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FYI we no longer sell race fuel.

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If you are in the Charleston area and seeking car maintenance/repair service, you actually want our sister company, Bouchillon Automotive Center.

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Email is strongly preferred over telephone calls.

If you are outside of the US or Canada and seeking to place an order, note that there is a US$140.00 fee for a bank wire fee, and that a bank wire is the only payment method we take for orders from outside the US and Canada. Please acknowledge your acceptance of this fee in the body of your email.

Solicitations for business sent through this form will be ignored.

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Hint: Shift+Enter will give you line breaks in the message box. We do not accept file uploads due to the security risk. If you feel you absolutely must send an attachment, tell Randy this in your initial email, and then Randy will decide whether to accept the attachment in a subsequent email. We generally do not open Microsoft Office documents received in email -- .pdf, .jpg, and .png are preferred file types.


Office +1 843 744 6539
Fax +1 843 554 7329


Monday through Friday: 8:30AM-5:30PM
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
(US Eastern time)

Physical / Postal Address

937 Commerce Circle
Hanahan SC 29410-3001
Google Map of our location (link verified in January 2019)



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FYI we no longer sell race fuel.